Axtone is an leading manufacture of draw gears, buffers and springs for passenger and freight cars, locomotives and public transport vehicles.

Axtone is also an expert in energy absorption technology for all types of rail vehicles. Thru its solutions it has been the leading manufacturer of Kamaxil type and crash type systems increasing railway transport safety both in terms of freight and passenger service.

Solutions developed by Axtone’s qualified and experienced team of engineers not only meet international quality standards but also constitute a guarantee of safety in railway transport.

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Our Technical Solutions:

  • Friction spring for coupler
  • Crash element for Metro, LRV and Tram
  • Kamaxil shock absorber for coupler Crash element for Metro, LRV
  • UIC product including: draw gear, hook & coupler, sider buffer and spring
technology advantage


Tailor made based on customer specification and expectation.

Unique technology

Kamaxil for shock absorber and peeling technology for crash solution.


Constitute a guarantee of safety in railway transport.

Global standards of quality:

As a result of numerous audits carried out by leading manufacturers of rolling stock, AXTONE Group received certificates of recognition from many organizations, including: Bombardier , DB, Duisburg, GSI SLV, PKP Cargo, PKP Intercity, Siemens Transportation System, SNCF.

  • IRIS – International Railway Industry Standard
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, Bureau Veritas, Poland
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, CCЖT, Russia
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate, DNV, Germany

Enivate is a market leading manufacturer of control systems for aircraft seating and software components. Enivate is extremely proud of our SkyMotion™ Power Seat Actuation System. The advanced brushless motor scheme controlled by state-of-the-art software provides up to (12) axes of motion with smooth and unprecedented synchronous movement.

The quiet reliability tested system meets or exceeds all aircraft industry compliance and safety standards with focus on passengers comfort and control. We invite aircraft seat manufacturers and airlines to contact us to learn more about this truly advanced system.

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  • China train VIP seats actuation system

technology advantage

Quiet, Smooth Operation and Controlled Axes of Motion

Under the Enivate brand, the ITT Aircraft Seat Control System features positioning excellence that provides the passenger with streamlined seat motion. Numerous seat position control axes are moved simultaneously; reaching the end of travel at the exact same time regardless of starting position. The movement of our Seat Control System is quiet and very smooth in operation and allows passengers to be in ultimate control of their comfort.

KONI (ITT Web)Established in 1857, KONI is recognized for its high performance dampers, which ensure a safe and comfortable ride in trains, cars, buses and trucks the world over. Higher quality engineered products coupled with a professional service in demanding applications, have satisfied customers for over 160 years.

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Our Technical Solutions in the Railway industry:

  • High performance damper solutions for manufacturers of trains for High Speed, Metro, Coach and Locomotives applications.
  • Damper overhauling and spare parts service that leverage KONI application knowledge to guarantee continued safety and comfort for the full lifecycle of the train.
  • Support our customers in providing solutions to solve the train dynamic issue using innovative smartbox testing technology.

our technology advantage


Tailor made solutions based on customer specification with leading technology and material, which can be adapted to all climatic conditions and harsh environments.


Full process quality from design, homologation, testing and production. Long-term customer partnership for the full lifecycle of the train.


We draw on our heritage and knowledge in providing solutions that solve today’s issues for our customers but also innovating new technologies for the future.

For the last 60 years, ITT Veam connectors have been integral to both railway infrastructure and rolling stock applications. From creating advanced plating solutions that ensure eco-friendly and ruggedized connectivity in the most demanding environments, to innovating high-speed data transfer technology for passengers, ITT Veam is a trusted partner for current and next-generation rail solutions.

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  • Train control
  • Bogies
  • Sensors
  • Under car
  • Intervehicle
  • Signaling
  • Infrastructure

our technology advantage:

More than one million of our connectors have performed flawlessly over the decades on over 100,000 trains. We are qualified on more than 250 rail programs.  Our Cannon and VEAM connector brands perform daily in the harshest environments, including speed/brake sensors, traction motors, couplers, bogie and inter-vehicle connections.

Cannon connectors are integral to the infrastructure and electrical control functions on current and next-generation railway infrastructure systems. From on-board and off-board applications, these products are especially designed to minimize footprint, optimal sealing and extended lifetimes for reliable connectivity in harsh environments.

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  • Sensor
  • Lighting Systems
  • Automatic Doors
  • Wipers
  • Data Communication
  • Passenger Onboard Utility Connections
  • Video Surveillance
  • Seats
technology advantage

High-quality, high-reliability products

Strong application knowledge of harsh environments

Highly engineered custom solutions